Up10tion - 2018

Up10tion Interview - Wler and Up10tion
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      Up10tion will always be our first!!  They were our first official interview and they were AWESOME!!  All 10 of these guys were humble, engaging and very kind, despite jet lag :). 



Memorable moments from that day: 


* They were as excited to meet us as we were them.

* They are even more handsome in person. 

* They were genuinely nice young men.

* GYUJIN pinky promised w/pd Amber to not be nervous         next time she interviewed them.

* The show was fabulous and everyone in the audience           was in the clouds over them.   




twitter:  @UP10TION 

Wler and The Molice - The Molice
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      The Molice are a funky awesome trio. That although, are all from Japan, now hail from Buffalo NY.  They are Rinko (lead vocals, and rhythm guitar, pictured center) shes cool!  Yuzuru ( lead guitar pictured right) likes to rock the Adidas gear! Hirofumi Katsumoto”Paro” (Drums pictured left) can kill on the skins!  These 3 have a unique sound that rocks.  We were proud to be able to talk to them right before the release of their brand new album Gate. Available now.  They may be new to you but they have been killing it in clubs in Japan for years.  If you get a chance to see them live DO IT!



twitter:   @MOLICE_VOICE 

GUYZ - 2018
Guyz Interview - WLER and GUYZ
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      Meet GUYZ!  a Japanese/Korean powerhouse with hard guitar (Ryo), powerful vocals (Yayoo), and on tap bass (Louis)/ drum (Shuhei).  Hard to match in current live bands.  Their album Walk On sold out and they are getting ready to release a new track titled Bad Addiction.  We had a blast talking to them.  Listen to the interview and you will understand.         



twitter:  @GUYZ_official

          Jhameel - 2019 

Jhameel Pt 1 - Jhameel Kim
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Jhameel Pt 2 - Jhameel Kim
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Jhameel Pt 3 - Jhameel Kim
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Jhameel Pt 4 - Jhameel Kim
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Jhameel Pt 5 - Jhameel Kim
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     What can I say about this artist? Gracious, funny, smart and exceptionally talented.  If you are not already listening to his huge discography, you are missing out.  His early stuff is clean and eclectic with a healthy dose of funk.   His new tracks, Knock it Down and Montage are beautifully crafted music that I don't want to put a label on.  He gave us his time graciously and this interview is one of our best.         


twitter:   @Jhameel 

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